​Dollar wearing the captain band of the currency market

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    The dollar moved a little bit higher against sterling as well as edging up considerably against the euro on Thursday. This was following two consecutive days of declines as investors were still very careful as we await key political announcements coming from Britain which are really important considering the recent vote to exit the European Union.

    The previous London Mayor Boris Johnson, well reputable as runaway favorite to ascend the position of Britain's prime minister, had dropped off the race today. This was really surprising even compounding the waves of shock development coming from Britain just about seven days after Boris Johnson was spearheading the "Brexit" campaign.

    Sterling had fallen down to $1.3252 marking a decline of about 1.27% again the American dollar. This was following the sterling's rise to $1.3534 yesterday.

    It is becoming evident that additional stimulus measures may soon be introduced in the UK as an aftermath of the pull from the EU. This was further confirmed by the Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England.

    The euro dropped by about 0.49% against the dollar falling to $1.1068. Earlier on today, the euro had climbed up to a one-week high of $1.1155.

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