EUR USD technical analysis and zigzag pattern

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    EUR USD technical analysis and zigzag pattern
    Published: Saturday, 30 December 2017 14:30
    The EURUSD price formed a strong bullish wave, which came in from about two months and the 1.1550 level
    was the beginning of the upside wave Which continued until the level of 1.2020
    This rise is considered to be the ZIGZAG pattern ABC and wave A is the rise from 1.1550 to 1.1860
    And wave c is the next bullish wave from 1.1710 to 1.2020 which is equal in length with wave A

    This uptrend wave was interspersed with the corrective wave of EXPANEDED FLAT
    According to the analysis of the EurUSD today and the analysis of the free currencies FROM Gold Pattern
    We find that the zigzag pattern ended near the level of 1.2020 and thus the EURUSD forecast indicates
    a bearish price wave for the EURUSD
    Summary of the technical analysis of the currencies today and the forecast of the euro-dollar analysis
    EURUSD traded below an important resistance area over the medium term 1.2020 to 1.2090
    The EURUSD is preferable to sell as long as the pair is below 1.2090 targeting the 1.1900 level of profit
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