free Forex signals via SMS EMAIL WhatsApp

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    free Forex signals via SMS EMAIL WhatsApp

    Currency recommendations, currency analysis today, and the GBP / USD outlook from the best Forex Gold Pattern recommendation provider
    The direction of the GBP USD pair on the global currency exchange Forex trend is bearish in the near term

    The GBPUSD is trading near the 1.3460 support level, which is the buyer's house

    The GBPUSD price also formed the bearish measured move pattern and the pattern ended near the 1.3460 support level

    The bullish divergence on the RSI has appeared on the hourly frame


    buy @ 1.3470

    tp @ 1.3540

    sl @ 1.3430

    Forex trading signals , free forex recommendations and GBPUSD forecasts

    The GBP / USD pair is preferable to buy today as long as the pair is above 1.3430

    Targeting the 1.3540 level of profit

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