Free forex trading signals live sms

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    Free forex trading signals live sms
    SELL @ 1.1410
    TP @ 1.1340
    SL @ 1.1450
    forex trading signals today Description by words
    EURUSD is preferred to sell on FX market type order Market Execution
    Take profit TP @ 1.1340
    Place stop loss SL @ 1.1450
    Free forex trading signals analysis
    Chart price pattern recognized today for forex trading signals
    bearish flag during the trading EURUSD yesterday fell sharply ( flag pole ) and the pair stopped
    the decline today to form a correction wave flag
    and is expected to resume the euro dollar downward trend
    bearish shooting star reversal Candlestick pattern appear on hour chart
    My trading Intuition told me that the Next wave on very near term will be bearish

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