Free forex trading signals today For GBP JPY

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    Free forex trading signals today For GBP JPY

    sell @ 144.90
    TP @ 144.20
    SL @ 145.30

    forex trading signals today Description
    GBP JPY is preferred to sell on FX market price as long as GBP JPY trades below resistance area
    And below 145.30 as a stop loss
    and take profit at 144.20

    Free forex trading signals TREND and analysis
    Trend in medium term is bearish but in near term GBP JPY establish UPTREND

    Chart pattern today for eur usd forex trading signals
    ZIGZAG, Measured move pattern
    The GBP JPY rose from the 142.60 level and the GBP JPY reached to level 145 nearly during this rally
    the GBP JPY formed the bullish measured move pattern and the two waves are equal height
    that generate sell trading signals the GBP JPY
    selling opportunities
    FIBO RETARACMENT AND EXPANSION is equal the first leg equal the second leg

    Important resistance levels today are 145 level and 145.66 level

    The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates to bearish divergence and sell signals today

    free forex signals expects bearish Next wave
    Free forex trading signals for GBP USD trading

    sell @ 1.3040
    TP @ 1.2970
    SL @ 1.3080

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