free forex trading signals today

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    Free forex trading signals today


    sell @ 1.3180

    TP @ 1.3110

    SL @ 1.3220

    forex trading signals today Description by words

    GBPUSD is preferred to sell on FX market from 1.3180 order type executive order

    Take profit determine TP @ 1.3110 Stop loss level SL @ 1.3220

    Free forex trading signals analysis

    GBP USD Trend on near term is uptrend

    gbpusd break down the upTrend line near level 1.3155

    Chart price pattern recognized today for forex trading signals

    Measured move pattern or classic technical analysis patterns AB=CD pattern

    Prices move up from 1.2660 to level 1.3040 which represent sirst leg , retrace down from 1.3040 to level 1.2780,

    and then move up again from 1.2780 to 1.3210 to finish second leg .

    the end of bullish measured move pattern generate sell trading signals today

    FIBO EXPANSION second leg CD Equal 100 % form the first leg AB

    Important resistance level today is 1.3210 on near and medium term

    The Relative Strength Index (RSI) formed bearish divergence on 4 hour chart

    reversal Candlestick pattern known as bearish engulfing pattern appear on 4 hour chart

    all technical indicators refer to bearish next wave for GBP USD

    EUR USD Free forex trading signals today


    SELL @ 1.1690

    TP @ 1.1620

    SL @ 1.1730

    GOLD Free forex trading signals live


    SELL @ 1206

    TP @ 1192

    SL @ 1213

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