FREE GBP USD SIGNALS and technical analysis

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    FREE GBP USD SIGNALS and technical analysis
    Published: Saturday, 25 November 2017 14:03

    Today we offer technical analysis for the GBPUSD and the currency trading signals
    The GBPUSD started trading higher in October and this rise has been from two major waves so far
    First wave The pair rose from 1.3030 to 1.3330
    And the second wave was from 1.3040 until the pair reached 1.3360
    The sterling pair is therefore a measured movement pattern
    AB = CD According to this technical pattern, the GBPUSD is expected to fall near the 1.3260 level
    Boosts bearish Technical Outlook for the GBPUSD The pair is trading
    near the 1.3335 medium term resistance level

    But if the price breached the resistance level and stay above 1.3335 then this is the case
    We are seeing a possible reversal price pattern- the so-called double bottom pattern
    Which is expected to push the GBPUSD higher near 1.3580
    Trading Strategy, GBP usd and Technical Summary today
    The GBP pair is preferred to sell on the global foreign exchange market
    For this reasons , Gold pattern offers live selling trading signals at the market price instant
    sell @ 1.3335
    tp1 @ 1.3265
    tp2 @ 1.3215
    sl @ 1.3375

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