GBP USD Technical Analysis and gbpusd trading signals

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    GBP USD Technical Analysis and gbpusd trading signals
    Published: Sunday, 19 November 2017 00:33
    GBP / USD Technical Analysis, Forex Free Trading Signals / Recommendation today
    GBPUSD prices rose from the 1.3040 level from the beginning of current November
    Which marked the beginning of the measured move pattern AB = CD
    and ended the first wave of the pattern near 1.3227
    The second leg or second wave of the pattern started from 1.3060 to 1.3260
    It can be easily observed that the length of the first wave or its height
    equals the length of the second wave
    Thus, the current level is the end of the second leg of the AB = CD pattern
    Which is a strong opportunity to sell the pound sterling against the dollar
    And confirms the opportunity to sell the appearance of
    the bearish en gulfing pattern candle on the hour chart that determined the entry point
    Forex Technical Analysis and gbpusd trading signals
    The GBP / GBP pair is preferred to sell on the FOREX exchange
    For this reason, Gold Pattern offers a trading recommendation
    to sell the GBPusd live Instant free
    sell @ 1.3220
    tp1 @ 1.3150
    tp2 @ 1.3100
    sl @ 1.3260

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