GBP USD trading signals free and ride wave C

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    GBP USD trading signals free and ride wave C
    Published: Thursday, 04 January 2018 14:45
    Currency Recommendations and the Pound Sterling Recommendation from Gold Pattern the best free forex
    GBP USD trading signals provider and trading signals is live and market excution order
    sell @ 1.3550
    tp @ 1.3480
    sl @ 1.3590
    Today's currency analysis and GBP / USD technical analysis indicates the completion of five upside waves
    over the medium term Which started from the 1.3030 level of about two months
    And ended near the 1.3600 level and we notice that the third wave is extended
    and that the first wave is equal to the fifth wave
    The pair dropped from $ 1.3600
    To form wave A of the expected correction and the pair has made a corrective correction of about 50% of Fibonacci ratios
    And the technical analysis indicates that the pair's bearish trend may resume in the near term to form wave C
    According to the strategy of trading the zigzag pattern prefer to sell and ride the last wave C of the correction
    And the price target in this case, as wave C will be EQUAL wave A
    The target price is 1.3440
    Summary of today's analysis of the GBPUSD technical analysis, currency recommendations and the GBPUSD recommendation
    Preferably selling sterling as long as the pair is below 1.3600 targeting 1.3440
    This is why Gold Pattern offers a recommendation to sell the free GBP usd signals on the mobile, e-mail,
    and Gold Pattern website

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