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    Gold recommendations and analysis, daily free daily forecasts and a recommendation to sell gold on the global exchange


    sell @ 1350
    tp @ 1336
    sl @ 1357
    Analysis of the gold price on the international MARKET and the recommendations of daily trading

    In the near term, gold formed the MEASURED bullish move

    Where the price of gold rose from the level of 1302 until he reached the level of 1340 almost to form the first wave of the pattern

    And then set the price of gold corrective down to the level of 1307 and

    then rose gold again until it reached the level of 1350 , Ending the bullish move pattern and

    the technical gold outlook is pointing to an expected decline in the price of gold to constitute a corrective wave at least

    Gold is close to testing the bearish trend line over the medium term

    Gold also formed a reflective candle pattern known as the evening star

    Technical Gold Technical Analysis Today's Summary and Trading Outlook

    Gold is preferred to sell on the international market as long as gold is below 1357 targeting 1336

    GBPUSD today analyzes, forecasts and trading signals from Gold Parttern for free on mobile, email and WhatsApp

    All the recommendations / TRADING SIGNALS are market order / immediately implemented

    Sell GBP / USD Today

    sell @ 1.4150
    TP @ 1.4080
    sl @ 1.4190
    GBP Technical Analysis, Currency Forecast and Sell Recommendation
    The GBPUSD dropped sharply from 1.4200 until reaching the 1.4080 level
    Which represents the first wave of decline in the measured move / zigzag pattern
    The GBP / USD pair has made a corrective correction and the GBPUSD is expected to resume its decline
    Forming the last bearish wave in the bearish zigzag pattern
    A summary of the GBPUSD analysis today and GBP USD trading signals
    The GBP / GBP pair should be sold as long as the pair is below 1.4190 targeting the 1.4080 level of profit


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