My MACD trading strategy

Discussion in 'MACD' started by gelungen, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. gelungen

    gelungen Guest

    I am working with MACD+stoch +Bollinger band settings.

    MACD (default)
    Bollinger band (20,2)
    Stoch (14,3,3)
    EMA 10
    and a MACD cross over alert indicator.
    Now, the problem is, sometimes it works great, but sometimes not specially in Asian session on EUR/USD.
    I get lot of whipsaw, how to avoid it???
  2. Devi$

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    MACD Levels


    Thanks for sharing your system. Please comment on how the MACD levels (horizontal lines) relate to the MACD patterns you act on. Do the patterns have to reach certain MACD levels to be valid, etc.? Also, do you enter with a fixed SL and then adjust it as the trade progresses? Thanks.

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