Yen, Euro and Co. Slips as Fed leaves rate unchanged

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    The US dollar didn't move up much against its major rival currencies today. This was despite the fact that US data on producer prices had come out impressively. Th U.S. Commerce Department reported today that producer prices had gone up last month my 0.4 percent. This beat expectation of analysts who were estimating it would rise by 0.1%.

    Today investors looked ahead to the policy statement to come from the Federal Reserve. There is the prospects that Federal Chair Janet Yellen would still maintain a positive tone promising interest rates hikes soonest.

    Also data coming from the US revealed the New York Federal Reserve's Empire State manufacturing index had climbed up this month to 6.01. For last month the reading was down at -9.02. Analysts were looking forward to the the index improving to -4.00 for the month of June.
    Thus today,the euro dropped down by 0.2% against the Japanese yen, falling to 119.07 yen. The Sterling on the other hand had increased against the yen, climbing up by 0.33%. This brings the sterling up to 150.17 yen, with the Australian dollar rising by 0.7% which ascends it to 78.50 yen.

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