Forex is not easy

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Lucky, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Lucky

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    When i started forex first time it seemed bit easy. I made some big profit. But as the day goes the lost of money was devastating. Sometimes I was thinking forex is not good. But after then i tried to research some website and many books. Now forex trading is going profitable slightly. So I know now forex trading is not a gamble. It’s a biz which could cause you a lot of pain if you are not alert.
  2. Devi$

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    Making money from Forex is both, easy and hard, depending upon the skills and experience of the trader. It is off course a reality that, as a beginner, you will lose money in beginning because you have not any knowledge and experience about it. You don't know that how the news and events effect the market. But as time passes, how much you do more practice, your experience increase more and then one stage comes that your earnings are greater than your losses.You will have to be so many patients for so many months to start earning money from Forex.
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