Sterling shoots up as pro-EU British Member of Parliament Jo Cox gets shot

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    Sterling went down this Friday as traders were bothered with the killing of the pro-EU British Member of Parliament Jo Cox may. This will surely affect the upcoming referendum which was supposed to hold this month.

    The pro-EU British Member of Parliament Jo Cox was shot dead yesterday. The drastic incidence led to the suspension of referendum campaigning.

    The death of Cox has heightened the rumors in the market that the Prime Minister David Cameron could possibly push further the referendum which was slashed for June 23. This could possibly add voice to the pro-EU "Remain" campaign which of late has fallen behind the "Leave" camp in official opinion polls.

    On the side of the pound, it had fallen down at the beginning of this week based on fears that Britain could shock the global financial markets as well as affect European politics in the situation when it votes to leave the 28-country bloc.

    The Japanese yen remained close to its highest levels against the US dollar. This would be the highest the yen had risen in about two years after yesterday the Bank of Japan had yesterday postponed further easing of the monetary policy.

    The sterling last went up against the US Dollar moving up to $1.4378. This was increase from the lows of yesterday.

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