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    If you haven’t registered a trading account with Profiforex yet, now you can enjoy extra benefits of opening a trading account, participating in our contests and receiving additional money to your deposits!

    We provide 3 types of bonuses:

    1. Welcome Bonus, 10%!
    This bonus is especially designed for those, who open a trading account and make the initial deposit.

    2. "First Deposit" Contest Bonus, 20%!
    This bonus is for the participants of our “First Deposit” contest.

    3. "King of the Hill" Contest Bonus, 30%!
    This bonus is worked out for those, who have already opened a trading account and take part in our "King of the Hill" contest.

    It is very easy to get these three kinds of bonuses. Once you make a deposit, the bonus will be automatically credited to your trading account.

    In order to find out more about our System of Bonuses, please follow this link: Profiforex Promotion and Bonus

    You are welcome to join us and enjoy our bonus system!
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    Where can I find the complete terms and conditions for opening a trading account?

    Thank you.
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